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mobile urban lab
mobile lecture- and exhibitionspace for the Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning
| location | Vienna 1040, Austria| typ | mobile
| university | Vienna University of Technology| status | in use
| department | Housing and Design| first sketch | 11/2012
| team | 31 students| designing | 6 months
| projectdirector | Peter Fattinger| building | 4 months
| projectpartner | TU Wien (A)| completion | 10/2013


The „Mobile Stadtlabor“ of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at the Technical University of Vienna is a mobile space for seminars, lectures, exhibitions, international research colloquia and workshops in the context of urban planning and architecture. The laboratory was designed and built in a collective design process by 30 students during a Design- Build studio at the Department of Architecture and Design.


As a display and satellite of the faculty, the „Stadtlabor“ served in the Resselpark as a public auditorium and a space dedicated to study and research until autumn 2015. For the next two years it will be located at the urban development site Neu Marx, where it will be the homebase of the project open university. Afterwards the project tours to different places and always shows presence where exceptional challenges regarding city development emerge.


The „mobile Stadtlabor“ is part of a platform for experimental and transdisciplinary research and teaching of the Faculty for Architecture and Planning – the urban future.lab. Transparency and participation of students on the research benefi ts as well as opening up a dialogue between space-related sciences, the planning practice and the diversifi ed publicity set out important concerns of the urban future.lab.