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Multi-functional house for a child care center
| location | Vienna 1220, Austria| typ | permanent
| university | Vienna University of Technology| status | in use
| department | Housing and Design| first sketch | 03/2008
| team | 18 students| designing | 4 months
| projectdirector | Peter Fattinger| building | 18 months
| projectpartner | MA13 (A), IFEP (A)), KÖR (A)| completion | 2009


Located in a park in a densly populated suburban settlement of Vienna, sourrounded by giant tenement blocks dating from the 70ies, the institution “Parkbetreuung” is concerned with kids, who spend their afternoons unattended in the park. A team of pedagogues keeps the kids busy with suggestive activities in and around a wooden barrack, which is used by the institution already for ten years.

In the course of a design-program 24 students of Vienna University of Technology have been designing and building “PARKLIFE”, as a freestanding extension to the existing social facility. PARKLIFE is a useable sculpture and works as a landmark, stage and tribune. Broad stairs form a sheltered, heat-able auditorium, which is used as a room for various activities, from workshops, to concerts, performances and film screenings. The stairs lead up to a cosy alkoven with a big bay-window, facing the sports-field of the park. Underneath the stairs a fully equipped wood-workshop is integrated into the building. With a drawbridge the workshop opens to the affiliated adventure playground, where the kids under supervision of instructors can build simple wooden constructions like huts and raised stands.